Thursday, July 22, 2010

Birthday Blues

Today is my little Seth's birthday. He is 4 now...where does the time go? Well he is very upset today b/c he didn't get the toy he wanted, a Spiderman web shooter. Man to be a kid and have "big" problems like them. I know one day he will look back and think the same thing, but today is not that day. Instead all day long all I've heard is I want a Spiderman web shooter. See he had a choice when we were in the store and he chose the Spiderman action figure, so it was his choice. Poor thing, he has no clue about making choices and is sadly learning about it today. But what a wonderful way to teach him, as sad as it may be. Well happy birthday little man and welcome to the real world...LOL!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

THOSE People

OK so I know that we have all had one of those guest. You know the ones who think they know how to do your job better then you do. The ones who make it known that their way is better then your way. You wanna just look at them and say, " I'm sorry, how long have your worked for this company?!" Yeah those people drive me insane!!..Well lets back it up for a second. Have you ever ponder the fact that we very well may be those people our selves?

The answer to that is yes! Every time we question God on his plans and motives we are those people. Now let that sink in for a moment. I know there have been times when God has been trying to leading me in a certain direction only for my flesh to say "No I think I'll go this way instead, after all my way is better." When we do or say things like that, whether we mean to or not, we are telling him we can do his job better then he can. The funny thing is that none of us can do his job, yet we always end up trying to any way. When someone treats us this way we usually tend to get bent out of shape and on edge. Instead we should handle them the same way God handles us. We should be patient and let them find out that we are the only ones who can do our job and that, in the job sense, our way is the only way. So think about this the next time you encounter one of those people and I be you'll think twice before you react...