Friday, October 22, 2010

Enjoying life while waiting on Him

So as I sat here tonight I realized that I have been so wrapped up in life that I have neglected to keep my blog updated..SLACKER!! lol. Any who, I also realized how quickly our lives fly by without us thinking twice about it. I mean how many times have we said "I can't wait for this even to happen" or "I can't wait for this date"? Only problem is that while we are anxiously awaiting what ever is coming we are also wishing our lives away.

That can be a big problem due to the fact that we know not how our days are numbered; meaning that we do not know how many more days God will grant us here on earth. However I am not saying that we should only live for today and not worry about the consequences. I am simpling stating that we should slow down and enjoy what precious time we have with the ones we love. I also do not mean that we should never look ahead to the future. God himself says to always be watching and waiting for we know not the day or hour he will return. So, in saying all this I want you to remember to be watching and waiting on God but also learn to enjoy the simple things. :)